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Daniel Proctor - Owner and Professional Dog Trainer

Owner and Professional Dog Trainer


Julie Howard

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After 15 years of slaving and climbing the corporate ladder, Daniel found himself dissatisfied and burnout with the desire to find “something more.” Daniel yearned for a peaceful and rewarding alternative to punching the corporate time clock and in Daniel’s mind, it was time to make a life-altering change or be miserable for the years ahead. Fumbling through the papers one evening Daniel came upon an ad,

“Corporate burnout wanted- Dog training company hiring apprentices.” 

He knew his call was answered!

Daniel began his dog training career in 1998 apprenticing under a master trainer and owner of one of the largest dog training companies in the southeast. Apprenticing gave him hands-on experience learning a variety of training styles versus “one way to do this” through school. He has vast experience in the fields of basic and advanced obedience as well as personal protection. He’s had immeasurable success instructing thousands of dogs and their owners and has a tremendous achievement rate, most likely due to the special affinity he has always held with animals, especially canines. Daniel has an impressive portfolio of references from satisfied Owners as well as Veterinarians, Groomers, and others within the pet industry throughout the North and South.

People had often told Daniel he seemed to possess an innate ability to communicate with dogs. He appeared to be a natural with “man’s best friend” and dogs pick up on this quickly. Leaving the prestigious world donning a suit and tie and swapping shorts and a ball cap seemed to be a welcome fit! Dogs are a passion for Daniel, just as playing drums are. And the icing? Now he can wear his hair having no one to answer to but himself!
Forward the clock over 24 years from that day Daniel found himself thumbing through the ads. He now has extensive experience training every imaginable breed common to our area, and has dealt with common issues such as potty training and separation anxiety, to severe problems where dogs are aggressive and have become a danger to be around other animals or people.

It’s simply true. Experience is our finest teacher. 

Professional Dog Trainer / Boarding Services

Julie Howard

Dogs have been a huge part of my life. I rescued my first dog, Winter, from an animal control center 21 years ago while I was a trainer at PetSmart. Winter was the first dog out of many that I trained according to the company’s training program. When I adopted my second dog, I hired Daniel Proctor as her trainer. She adapted quickly and thrived. I was impressed by his talent and learned various training techniques during this time. I chose to pursue a career with Daniel and absolutely love what I do. My primary goal for your dog is to learn good home manners. I board and train in a serene, safe, and loving environment while administrating a program to train your dog to be well mannered, calm, and obedient inside and outside your home. Clients have been amazed after they drop off a rambunctious pup and take home a calm and relaxed pet. I feel a great sense of accomplishment knowing you and your family can enjoy your well-trained pet in your home. I look forward to getting to know you and your loving pup.
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